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(F2M SRS Video) Male-to-Female gender reassignment surgery

This video shows New refinements in Male to Female reassignment (M2F-SRS) operation of various surgery patient. 
Amid the utmost uncertainties concerning FtM gender reassignment surgery is that the penis generated by FtM phalloplasty will miscarry to live. It's the elephant in the room that patients could vacillate to discourse about it. Disappointment occurs - however not deprived of a battle!

viewer discretion is advised plastic surgery info blog

My Dear Blog Readers !!! please beware of the explicit content from the following video that shows how surgeons operate the gender change surgery from male sex to female. It invovles a lot of hard work in professional team of  plastic and cosmetic surgeons, doctors, plastic surgery specialists and nurses.

 Source : YouTube

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  2. male to female sex changer I like to be a girls seen u can