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Hollywood celebrities transgender sex change surgery photos after SRS

Dear Blog readers: following pictures are those celebrities who have gone under transgender sex change surgery (MtF and FtM SrS). Despite of the reassignment and personal ups and down, they are still striving in their prospective career and enjoying happy life. This is one examples of many that people can be happy & full of joy after transgender surgery. Please have a look and drop your comment below how you feel and have you say.

Carmen Carrera sex change surgery photos (transgender surgery picture)
Carmen Carrera

Carrera became famous after appearing on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” as a male, but not long after she made the transition to female. Once living as a gay man, Carrera had a long domestic partnership with Adrien Torres but after her transition they broke up.

Celebrities Who Underwent Gender Transformation Surgery

Isis King

King was the first transgender contestant to appear on “America’s Next Top Model” and even went on to compete in the all-star edition. King was born as a male and in high school came out as gay. By 2007 she was on hormone treatment to make her full transition into being a woman.

Lea T transgender sex changer surgery picture and photos
Lea T

Lea T is a model who has appeared in Vogue Paris and Interview magazine. Lea was born as Leandro but underwent male-to-female transformation in 2012 in Thailand. Lea has said she is attracted to both sexes.

amanda lepore sex change surgery picture photo
Amanda Lepore

Lepore is a performance artist and has modeled for M.A.C. Cosmetics, Swatch, CAMP Cosmetics and more. Lepore was born Armand but at the age of 17 underwent gender reconstruction surgery

Chaz Bono lesbian woman under gone female to male gender transition surgery
Chaz Bono

Bono, son of Cher and Sonny Bono, spent many years as a lesbian woman before undergoing the female-to-male gender transition between 2008 and 2010. Bono is a big gay rights activist.

Lana Wachowski the director or 'The Matrix" gone male to female transition surgery photo

Lana Wachowski

Wachowski was born as Larry Wachowski. Wachowski became famous for directing “The Matrix.” Wachowski reportedly made her transition from male to female in 2008. In 2012 Lana received the Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award.

Candis Cayne undergone transsexual surgery
Candis Cayne
Cayne was born as a set of fraternal twins and didn’t even know what a transsexual was until well after high school, when she had moved to New York to perform as a drag performer in gay bars. Cayne began transitioning in 1996 and by 2001 had won the Miss Continental pageant.

Janet Mock transgender woman in a marie Claire article from male to female surgery

Janet Mock

Mock is the editor of and just in 2011 came out as a transgender woman in a Marie Claire article. Mock was displeased that the article stated she was raised as a boy saying, “I was always a girl.”


Laverne Cox first african-american transgender undergone surgery

Laverne Cox

Cox of “Orange is the New Black” was the first African-American transgender to make an appearance on a large reality show, competing on, “I Wanna Work For Diddy.” Cox’s twin brother M Lamar portrays her pre-transition version on “Orange is the New Black.”

Thomas Beatie transgender and sexuality advocate

Thomas Beatie

Beatie is an advocate for transgender and sexuality issues and is known as “The Pregnant Man” because he carried and gave birth to he and his wife’s two children.

Jenna Talackova Miss universe canada undergone transition from male to female surgery
Jenna Talackova

Talackova was born a boy but already began gender transition by the age of 14, finishing by age 19. Talackova was disqualified from the Miss Universe Canada contest in 2012, but she fought to regain her spot in the competition.

Jorgensen was one of the first people to become famous for undergoing gender transformation surgery. Joregensen served as a clerk in the army before undergoing the surgery in the 50s

Christine Jorgensen

Jorgensen was one of the first people to become famous for undergoing gender transformation surgery. Joregensen served as a clerk in the army before undergoing the surgery in the 50s.


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