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Appearance of genitals - What does a male and female genitals look like after SRS

Well It's hard to say what does a male or female genitals look like after they have undergone to sex reassignment surgery SRS. It would be very unnatural to say it does look like natural born genitals as normal people have. It is based on the extend of surgery the patient have gone for, including prehistory SRS or if their body are associated to transgender or transsexual society. Here are some transgender images of before and after sex change surgery. Please be mindful that it does not look very natural and you should not be expecting to have better than this if you are planning to do SRS in the near future. Its a surgical procedures where professional surgeons will perform their best job to get better result. Also the patients can have better life with better result.

Risk : All surgery runs the risk of infection, bleeding, and a need to return for repairs. This surgery is irreversible, so the patient must have no doubts about accepting the results.

The operation to change the male genital organs into female genital organs takes around four hours. Here are the procedure to follow.

  • The procedure involves effectively skinning the penis and removing most of it, though the skin, the main nerve supply and blood supply are retained.
  • A small sensitive section of the head of the penis is also retained and is then reused to create a clitoris - and the finished result is incredibly realistic.
  • The testicles are removed and the skin from the scrotum, together with the skin from the penis, is used to create what will become the internal vagina and the external labia.
  • An incision is made between the anus and the scrotum and a space is created between the existing organs forming the cavity where the new vagina will rest.
    What does a male to female genitals look like after SRS
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    male to female genital after surgery photo
  • The lining of the vagina is created from a pocket of skin. To ensure it is capable of being functional in the long-term this is usually about six inches deep, but can vary in size depending on how large the penis and scrotum are and how much skin covers them.
  • This pocket is then inserted into the cavity where it is fixed and the new clitoris and labia are formed an subsequently stitched in place.
  • It takes about three weeks to recover from the surgery, depending on the patient, and we advise they wait six weeks before undertaking any form of exercise.
  • Patients are also advised not to have sexual intercourse for two or three months at least to ensure the “new organs” are robust enough.
  • This reconstructed vagina is not going to provide the same sensation as a conventional vagina and they are unable to produce natural lubrication.
  • But some people who have undergone this surgery say sexual intercourse can result in a sensation intense enough to produce an orgasm.
  • Visually any scarring is hidden internally or in creases of skin or by what pubic hair is left after the patient has undergone hormone treatment.
  • The patient will also have to regularly use dilators, that are used to maintain the vaginal opening and ensure it doesn’t tighten up too much. This is usually continued until regular sexual intercourse can begin.

The operation to change the female genital organs into male genital organs takes around four hours. Here are the procedure to follow.

Metoidioplasty (meta) is a female to male gender reassignment surgery (GRS). Metoidioplasty surgeons have a high success rate for the before and after surgery results.

Metoidioplasty is a highly customizable female to male surgery that allows each candidate to choose the options that best suit their needs. Because each person who chooses to have metoidioplasty is different, there is a wide range of options that candidates can discuss with their surgeon.

Generally, the enlarged clitoris, which is an effect of testosterone hormone replacement therapy (HRT), is relocated upwards to create a sensate and functioning micropenis. The surrounding skin of the clitoris is removed and “released” from the pubis to give the impression of more length. This results in a circumcised appearance, although patients may opt for an uncircumcised look. The suspensory ligament may be partially divided. Labial ligaments and the urethral plate are released, which allows the penis to extend further outward.
Female to male genital after change photo result
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Female to male genital after change photo result
The procedure may involve the creation of a glans and scrotum by using the tissue from the labia majora or labia minora with two testicle prosthesis.

Metoidioplasty generally takes 2-3 hours to complete, is less expensive, and has potentially fewer complications than phalloplasty. The procedure may be done under conscious sedation. General anesthesia may be necessary if the patient opts for primary urethral lengthening, hysterectomy, or vaginectomy.


100% of patients were able to achieve postoperative erection. Unlike phalloplasty, most of the metoidioplasty patients were unable to perform penetrative sex since the neophallus is too small. 96% of patients were able to urinate without difficulty while standing. A few patients experienced dribbling and spraying that later resolved without medical intervention.

Less than 5% of patients experienced complications from urethroplasty. All urethroplasty complications were successfully resolved by minor surgical intervention.

Can you still have intercourse after a sex change?

There are a lot of speculation about whether you should have intercourse or not after a sex change surgery. After extensive research about the topic this is what I have found the best answer to match the questions. But I will be very much apologetic to you all if the answer seems to be wrong as I said it is just a discussion over the very conflict questions that has been escalating everyday amidst many people around the world.


Yes you can.

I have two friends who are male to female transsexuals, one is asexual so doesn't have sex (and is attracted to women anyway), but one is attracted to men and is, to say it politely, very promiscuous. The second has had a hell of a lot of intercourse since having the sex change, and frankly if she didn't enjoy it then there would be little reason for her to have intercourse - although don't forget intercourse isn't the be all and end all of sex.

I think male to female transsexuals are possibly the lucky ones, my understanding is that if you are a female to male it is harder because it is more difficult to make a working penis, often their penises are on the small side and can face erection problems, which makes intercourse difficult for them. Where as male to female their vagina's can be made from their penis, essentially, their vaginal canal can act just like a natural vagina and may have a little more sensation than a natural vagina. I believe hormones help keep the vaginal walls moist like with a natural vagina, and you can add lubrication.

I've been told it's hard to tell the difference between a natural vagina and a transsexuals vagina, and although I've yet to see one in the flesh given as my friend can have sex with so many men without them knowing I'd say men find it hard to tell too, so their vagina's must be like natural vagina's during intercourse as well as to look at. They would not be able to ejaculate as women born female, and there may be a little difference in function as the clitoris will be different, there will be no g-spot and the way to nerves are hooked up will be different so orgasms and the way in which they can be stimulated will differ, but they'd still be able to feel physical sexual feelings through their vagina.

Notice I say 'believe' and similar words and phrases a lot, I'm no expert and don't spend time looking or feeling my friends vagina's! So if you're thinking about a sex change go do the research yourself and talk to other transsexuals. Good luck if you do decide to have a sex change, it can be challenging.


You can still have intercourse and they try to make it so that you can still achieve orgasm, although in some cases this does not work out as planned.

Neither sex would be able to ejaculate after a sex change.



Well that is an awesome question. I applaud you for thinking to ask it ahead of time. I dont know for sure but I would think that if you couldn't sex change operations would have pretty much stopped after the first or second one. Considering that they are still being done I think your probably safe to still have sex but definetly talk it over with the doctors. That would be a deal breaker for me if I couldn't have a good orgasm anymore. Good luck!

PS : Do not forget to comment below, We need your valuable information in relation to sex change operation or SRS surgery. I encourage to all the readers of this blog to share their stories and experiences. Remember ! "Sharing is Caring". 



  1. Well, my friend just had a sex change surgery, and said she can have orgasm however it took almost one and half years to achieve this. This means that you can still have intercource as well as orgasm aftet the change of your genital whether to frmale to male or male to female.


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