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Many breast reduction surgery gone wrong & the consequences

Case4:I had a breast reduction. A year and a half ago. They didnt really warn me about the whole nipple process...Well they cut them down, and they completely screwed up my nipples also. One is bigger than the other, the shape is out uneven, and they just look horrible. Im looking ot get mine fixed soon, its just been hard for me to want to undergo another plastic surgery when everythin with my breast reduction went wrong.

Case5:I had a reduction done due to health reasons and it turned out to be awful. I to want to get the problem fixed but am scared now! I have two different size breast now and the nipple thing well I have lost part of one of mine do to an infection I recv. It took me on the third call to get them to see me back at the doctors office telling them that I didnt like I was seeing. I have nipples that point in different directions and I am a hell of alot smaller then what I had asked for. I went from a "ddd" to a "a" on one side and a "b" on the other side.....Talk about depression well that has happened to me ...Someone needs to get these doctors!!!

Case6:I had a breast reduction done may 2006. I thought it was going to be the most wonderful thing I had ever done for myself. Boy was I wrong !!!! The surgery it self was bad enough, then to have bad results? My nipples ( though I still have sensation in then) sit extremely high. I ask my Dr. About my nipple placement, and his answer was that I had "bottomed out". I don't know exactly what that means, but a week later he performed additional surgery in his office under local anesthetic and removed a strip of skin( no tissue) to pull the nipples down. Not only would I not get completely numb, but I left his office with almost 90 stitches. The nipples are still all screwed up, and I am very flat. I wanted to be pain free and I am, now it is a mental pain. I look like a freak !!! I am looking into having more surgery (by a different Dr.) to correct this. I hope all goes better this time.
Case7:I recently had a breast reduction and I have the same things going on.
I was not aware at all that my nipples would be removed. When the procedure was done, the doctor told me that the blood flow was not good to my right nipple. He told me that he was unable to reattach the nipple, and that I only had the one on my left still on! I was furious, and the only thing he said was that he could take it off or leave it there. There was no way to reattach it.
He also told me that there's around a 75% failure rate of these procedures. It's not very safe at all and usually women are not only dissatisfied with the results, they usually bear a large amount of pain afterwards.
I am not happy and I'm currently trying to bring this to court. There is no reason for this. If only they would have told me this stuff beforehand, I would never have had it in the first place. None of this was worth getting my breasts smaller. 

Ladies!! Collect as much information as you can, study the different cases where this procedure has changed the lives of women in negative way, don't mess up your breast, I guess you know how precious they are for you else you wouldn't be doing a surgery on them.  Keep in mind that all surgery runs the risk of infection, bleeding, side effects and a need to return for repairs. This surgery is irreversible, so the patient must have no doubts about accepting the result. May God bless all who Implant or Reduce their breast.

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  1. I had DD+ size breast, I got breast cancer. They were able to save my breast.
    Still at a DD+ I had a lot of back pain. After talking to my Dr. I decided to have a reduction. I used the Head of Plastic Surgery at the U. of U. in Salt Lake City. To make a long and sad story short I now have two very different size breast. Ladies, please be sure this is a road you want to go down.