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Sentiment to decide Transgender Sex Reassignment Surgery SRS:

Today, I found this article and considered very useful and practical as the demand of sex change surgery is soaring. So it might help you to have positive thoughts and rationalize your feelings. Read the story and watch the video and please drop your comment below regarding their opinions about why they choose transgender sex reassignment surgery.
It wasn't until Deborah Svoboda dated someone who is trans that she understood how little she understood about being transgender. "I realized how very misunderstood they were, including by me," she says. And that comes from someone who identifies as queer and has lived and worked in diverse communities. Watch below video, can be full screen.


So Svoboda decided to use her skills as a multimedia journalist to learn about one aspect of transition: sex reassignment surgery. Surgery is something that people tend to fixate on. The "Did she or didn't she?" aspect of it even came up in Vanity Fair's coverage of Caitlyn Jenner's transition.

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